Logistics & Supply chain warehouse

_ Convenient Storage

Mekong offer short and long term storage plan for customers who are in need in foods, retail, hi-tech, FMCG, Beer, milk & beverage sectors. This may come from a simple raw space rent to a combined facility leasing with warehouse management.


_ Packaging service

With available materials in place, Mekong warehouse team provides packaging services prior to shipping or loading into the containers for export. This is vital for high tech air shipments which require plastic cover wrapping against water & damage in the ground handling areas.


_ Pick & pack, barcode, labeling, EDI & inventory

At Mekong, we are using WMS and web based software to manage stock in and out. As soon as goods are received, they are checked, counted, scanned then moved to bin location at multi level rack system. Goods can also be required to be labeled, affixed barcode before they will go by truck to client department store. Besides pick and pack, Mekong provides cycle inventory & management for any long term stock.